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How a Fashion & Apparel Retailer Drove $20 Million for In-Store Sales

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By tracking the 1:1 purchase impact of affiliates at the transactional level, RevTrax helped a leading fashion retailer drive $20 million for in-store sales.

Affiliate marketing - a multi-billion dollar industry - is an effective solution for driving digital traffic and e-commerce sales. But brands have not been able to leverage affiliate marketing to increase offline sales at scale.

Until now.

Download this case study to learn how a leading fashion brand leveraged Affiliate Marketing to:

  • Drive $20 million for in-store sales
  • Achieve a 40% increase in new customer acquisition.
  • Gain $2,000 in revenue per store each month.
  • Use path-to-purchase insights to deliver secure, personalized promotions across multiple channels in real-time.

By bringing affiliate marketing offline, RevTrax is helping retailers achieve these goals in a fast-changing marketplace.

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