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How One Retailer Saved $22 Million with Secure Dynamic Codes That Integrate With Legacy POS Systems

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Are promotional offer codes part of your overall marketing strategy? Do you fear that you are losing too much money due to unsecured, static promo codes? 

In our case study "How One Retailer Saved $22 Million with Secure Dynamic Codes" we explain how we helped one major retail brand achieve multi-million dollar savings by ensuring the validity of inbound offers, while also learning more about how and where customers were engaging in their marketing campaigns.

Download the case study to learn how RevTrax Offer Validation helped the brand:

  • Find a solution to control viral offers and fraud across all marketing channels that would seamlessly integrate with their legacy POS system, without the need for a costly system upgrade

  • Distribute 121 million unique codes that captured insightful data about the original campaign — allowing the brand to connect offline behavior to online campaigns 

  • Block 3.4 million fraudulent codes at the point of sale — generating $22 million dollars in cost-savings for the retailer

Start controlling your promotions, and minimizing digital offer fraud, download the case study!