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Learn How Men's Wearhouse Increased In-Store Sales with an Offer Management Platform.

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The RevTrax Offer Management Platform & Rakuten Marketing helped Men's Wearhouse drive over $19 million of in-store sales. 

Men's Wearhouse, a leading fashion retailer, needed an avenue to connect online behavior to an in-store purchase. By leveraging offers within the affiliate channel, RevTrax and Rakuten Marketing helped them achieve this goal and delivered the following:

  • Incremental Sales: Via DMP integration and Rakuten Marketing Consumer Graph, new vs. existing customers are identified and served relevant offers.
  • Mobile Optimization: Each customer receives the right offer format - Mobile Wallet  or Print-at-Home - with device responsive technology for each mobile OS.
  • Greater Reach, Scale, & Security: Offers scale across the entire network on day 1. Links cannot be copied from approved affiliate sites and the platform works with the entire Rakuten Marketing network from the beginning.
  • Flexibility & Control: Single-use offers that run down to the SKU-level are served in real-time. Each offer is controlled via activation caps/total budgets.
  • Robust Tracking & Reporting: Loyalty affiliates are supported with tracking down to the member-level. Additionally, the RevTrax OMP processes returns.

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