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Creating Brand Ambassadors Using RevTrax: noosa Case Study

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Learn how noosa's ongoing campaign drove incremental sales, new user acquisition, and sustained social engagement.

Gourmet yoghurt brand noosa has become an established player in the breakfast and dessert market since its foundation in 2010. Looking to grow its consumer base through targeted and personalized offers, noosa approached RevTrax for help.

After launching a digital campaign called “Best Mates” that encouraged customers to share the “noosa love” with their besties, noosa was able to drive sales, gain insight, and increase ROI. The campaign was such a success that noosa expanded its use of RevTrax coupons to anyone who visited the website, even outside of the campaign.

Download the case study to learn how noosa was able to:

  • Convert current consumers into brand ambassadors
  • Attract new audiences to your brand
  • Drive trials and incremental sales of your products
  • Encourage social advocacy
  • Measure consumer engagement
  • Drive CRM acquisition
  • Demonstrate overall campaign ROI

By combining white glove service with technology that connects digital behavior to offline purchases, RevTrax provides a world-class user experience for retail and CPG companies.

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