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A Leading Enterprise Retailer Improves Omnichannel Marketing with an Offer Management Platform

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Enterprise Retail Case Study

How does an already successful enterprise retailer improve upon their marketing strategy? A great start is by leveraging an offer management platform (OMP)

To build on its $15 billion annual revenue, this fashion and apparel retailer was looking to improve its marketing strategy for greater distribution and redemption of secure offers. The VP of Marketing realized that channel-specific marketing departments were siloed from one another — making it difficult to connect insights across campaigns. The goal was then to unify the channels so shared data can be used as insights to cost-saving decisions.

By implementing the RevTrax Offer Management Platform, the retailer was able to create a simple, standardized promotional experience for their customers across all channels.

Download the case study to gain insights on how the retailer achieved:

  • An increase from their return on ad spend by 30% over 12 months 
  • A conversion rate growth  from email to purchase of more than 65% 
  • $16 million dollars in cost-saving by blocking fraudulently distributed, illegal offers
  • Grow in-store sales by tapping into the affiliate network
  • Identify the most redeemed offers on the affiliate network
  • A better understanding of the customers’ path to purchase

With these insights, brands, like this leading retailer, are able to optimize and scale successful campaigns to drive ROI and eliminate wasted spend.

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