The Overlooked Gold Mine of First- Party Purchase Data Whitepaper
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The Overlooked Gold Mine of First-Party Purchase Data

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How to Create, Capture & Leverage First-Party Purchase Data to Drive Meaningful Growth 

The right digital coupons can provide your brand with a deep well of first-party data you can’t get anywhere else. Redemption data helps you tie a specific consumer to the online engagement that sparked their purchase intent. As a result, you can close the path-to-purchase loop from online to in-store, and double down on successful campaigns. 

Unfortunately, most brands overlook first-party data, or they don’t even know it’s available.  

Download the whitepaper to learn: 

  • How to capture greater amounts of individualized purchase data
  • How to tie specific customer purchase data (online and offline) to all online marketing channels and tactics
  • What kinds of first-party data you can collect from serialized digital offers
  • The differences between data types and the drawbacks of common data sources
  • How to apply these insights to your digital offers 

By combining white glove service with technology that connects digital behavior to offline purchases, RevTrax provides a world-class user experience for retail and CPG companies.

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