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How Staples Connected the Dots Between Paid Search and In-Store Sales

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By connecting the dots between paid search and sales, Staples optimized their campaigns for 200% growth with RevTrax

To understand their customers’ online-to-offline behaviors, Staples integrated digital offers with their paid search, and the campaign saw impressive results and insights. The retailer’s media campaign engaged shoppers with their choice of digital promotions - a printable coupon, an online eCommerce code, or a serialized barcode on their mobile device. With smart technology, RevTrax was able to help Staples connect the dots across their marketing campaign— from online search behaviors to offline purchases, while controlling costs and gathering data for analysis and actionable insight. 

Additionally, Staples’ campaign drove brand engagement, increased traffic, and improved overall SEO while revealing insights into how online customers engage with Staples, both digitally and offline. 

Download the case study to learn how Staples was able to:

  • Gain concrete visibility into how their marketing investments were impacting in-store sales and the overall customer path-to-purchase.
  • Optimize ad spend by discovering which keywords performed best — to maximize search marketing investment.
  • Increase overall redemption rates by 148% from the first to the last week. 
  • Achieve a 200% incremental ROI increase.
  • Decrease average cost-per-click by 11%.

By combining white glove service with technology that connects digital behavior to offline purchases, RevTrax provides a world-class user experience for retail and CPG companies.

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